Other Fishes

Get the authentic taste of delicious fishes which provide you healthy nutrients to your body. Fishes are rich in iron, minerals, and other omega fats. These fishes can be eaten in their raw form or cooked form. Seafood premium are the other fishes supplier in Malaysia. We sell most common eating fishes to expensive caviars. Our other fishes are salmon, tuna, seahorse, sea cucumber, etc. Some of these fishes are new to you but trust the process. Once it is cooked and served on your plate, you cannot deny its aura.

Why Choose us?

Choosing us for other fishes comes with a lot of health benefits. We are the advanced fishermen in the sea who caught fish with experience and expertise. Our packaging keeps the fish fresh and full of nutrients. On its packaging, it does not lose its qualities. Our delivery services are available to most of the restaurants and cafes in Malaysia.