Sea Fish

Sea Fish

sea water fish for sale in Malaysia

Premium seafood is the largest wholesale supplier of Sea Fish in Austria. Buy Sea Fish in Austria is the delicacy that we acquire from water bodies especially the sea. It contains a wide range of essential nutrients that is very important for a long and healthy lifestyle. Other than being delicious, it has the capacity to prevent a large number of diseases. We are a well-known dealer, distributor & wholesale supplier of Sea Fish in Austria. To order Sea Fish in Austria, you can simply click on the contact button and fill the easy form, our sales team will connect with you and will share all necessary information and certification.


We take all necessary steps to assure the highest levels of freshness and hygiene:

  • Quality Index Method(QIM) and Organoleptic checks( look, texture, smell) are used for checking freshness
  • Fresh arrivals are ensured daily
  • Stringent checks are undertaken when stocks arrive and are handled following stringent norms
  • Regular fishermen development programs to upgrade skills and quality orientation are undertaken


You’ll be amazed at the range of choices we offer:

  • Sourced from more than 20 procuring sites 
  • Freshwater fish sourced from certified inland farms
  • Frozen Sea Food: Prawns (Convenience Packs & HoReCa Packs), Squid Rings, Whole, Octopus.

Marinated / Value added Range: Fish Fingers, Crab Sticks, Crab Claws, etc.
Imported Range: Fish: Frozen Imported Basa, Salmon Portion Cuts
Canned Sea Food: Tuna fish